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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics: the new hype in Manufacturing

Manufacturing executives, by taking advantage of advanced analytics,…
3. September 2018/by Linda Vogt
MultiProvider vs CompositeProvider

Classic MultiProvider vs. CompositeProvider

This article comes as a continuation of the previous article…
1. August 2018/by Linda Vogt

Evolution of SAP BW

Hi everyone,

in the course of our BW/4HANA activities, we…
10. July 2018/by Linda Vogt

Organize your work with abapGit

What is abapGit and how does it work? 
Assuming you are already…
3. July 2018/by Linda Vogt

The 5 W’s of the Persistence Layer in SAP HANA

Imagine this scenario: you sit down with a fresh cup of coffee…
27. June 2018/by Linda Vogt

SAP BI Congress

For the 3rd time in a row, the SAP BI Congress took place at…
14. June 2018/by Linda Vogt

Performance Optimization of SAP BW Data Loading Processes Using Multidimensional Internal Tables

Long runtimes can occur when loading data targets in SAP BW if…
30. May 2018/by Linda Vogt

New Line of Business: Supply Chain Management

After four years of dynamic growth, Inspiricon has decided to…
21. May 2018/by Linda Vogt
Machine Learning with SAP Hana and SAP Fiori-Inspiricon

Machine Learning with SAP Hana and SAP Fiori

What is Machine Learning and why is it important?
Well, first…
19. April 2018/by Linda Vogt

Inspiricon opens new office in Freiburg, Germany

The location's focus is on big data, machine learning, and new…
13. April 2018/by Linda Vogt
Classic DataStore Object

Classic DataStore Object vs. Advanced DataStore Object

There have been many architecture level changes in SAP BW/4HANA.…
26. March 2018/by Linda Vogt

Take advantage of ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse

When did it all start?

As time passed by, solutions have…
16. March 2018/by Linda Vogt

Comparison between the modelling in SAP BW and SAP BW/4HANA application

"We study the past to understand the present." - William Lund

14. March 2018/by Linda Vogt

5 Tips How To Write A Concept Document

According to the Longman English dictionary, a concept is “an…
7. March 2018/by Linda Vogt
SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects – choosing the right client tool

Are you also wondering which BusinessObjects tool best suits…
28. February 2018/by Linda Vogt

SAP Fiori 2.0 – The short story

How can Fiori 2.0 help your business
SAPUI5 is the brand new…
16. February 2018/by Linda Vogt
Predictive Analytics in Native Hana

How To Use Predictive Analytics In Native Hana

In this article we will be focusing on Hana’s native predictive…
14. February 2018/by Linda Vogt

Inspiricon’s SAP Fiori app receives the ERCO Innovation Award 2017

The Performance Cockpit App scores high at the annual Innovation…
7. February 2018/by Linda Vogt

Four Years Of Inspiricon – RUN BETTER. RUN DIFFERENT.

6. February 2018/by Linda Vogt

Inspiricon keeps growing!

From 1st February 2018, you can also find uns in our new office…
1. February 2018/by Linda Vogt
Who needs SAP Vora?!

Who needs SAP Vora?!

What is SAP Vora good for anyway?
SAP Vora allows you to analyze…
30. January 2018/by Linda Vogt

How to Get More Insights With Text Analysis with SAP HANA

We all know that knowledge is power. Every day we accumulate…
24. January 2018/by Linda Vogt
Meet the Inspiricon Team

What makes a manager, a great manager?

Working in the HR area means that you often have to build a bridge…
15. January 2018/by Linda Vogt
Query Designer in Eclipse

How to successfully use the Query Designer in Eclipse

We are very happy to present to you our first guest author: Jürgen…
10. January 2018/by Linda Vogt
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