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We are a company driven by enthusiasm and innovative ideas as we take on customer projects and the demands of the market. Employee loyalty is of utmost importance to us, which is why, in addition to excellence in customer satisfaction, we also measure our business success by the strength of our employees’ identification with the company. This is reflected in the values that define our corporate culture. Some of our most precious assets are values such as treating others with respect and fairness, communicating proactively, and pursuing lifelong learning.

Are you looking for a change, ready to embrace new challenges and eager to take your career to the next level? Then Inspiricon is the company for you.

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This is what our team has to say about Inspiricon


Ana, Lead Consultant Cross Technology

What is the most interesting part of your job at Inspiricon?

It’s difficult to pick one thing that is more interesting. Overall, what I like most are the challenges and the variety of the work.
I am a sociable person and I like to meeting and getting to know people and at Inspiricon I can do this.
As a team leader I have the opportunity to take on board new team members. Every interview, every internship is a challenge. The fact that I have to analyze people both technically and personally, the decisions that I have to take, if someone remains or not, how to motivate people, how to make them trust you – all this build the interesting part for me.
And besides this, project work also appears. The more projects you get, the more interesting it is, because each project is different, the people you meet on projects are different, you certainly meet people from whom you learn a lot, but you also learn to face difficult situations and people.
For me to work on Inspiricon is a continual challenge. It helps me to grow a lot and not only professionally. Learning here how to manage certain situations, make decisions, how to be more responsible, how to be more disciplined, more organized,  I learn to apply all these things also in my personal life – maybe sometimes without realizing it.
It’s a pleasure to be a part of Inspiricon team and I can‘t wait to face more and more interesting things!


Artur, Senior Consultant SAP BI

What distinguishes the work at Inspiricon for you?

The main reason: my colleagues and the founding members with whom I have already been working together for several years before Inspiricon was founded. During these years, we developed a strong relationship of trust. This is one of the reasons why I came to work for Inspiricon without a great deal of thought. We still have this relationship now and it is even developing further – of which I am very proud.

On the other hand I like the challenge to help building a company from scratch and to contribute to its success.

It is amazing to witness the progress we make together. This progress (be it success or failure) is communicated in regular meetings very openly. And we all value this transparency very much.


Karin, Project Manager and Assistant to the Board

What is the biggest difference between Inspiricon and other companies you were employed before?

Inspiricon AG is like a small family, you feel that you are in good hands right away. The employees are not considered as self-evident and I enjoy it every day to be part of this company.

With regular team meetings, team buildings and other varied events, there is an atmosphere of togetherness, a strong solidarity and an awesome team spirit.

We, the team, all pull together and that is what makes the difference.


Michael, Sales Director

What is it that you particularly enjoy about your work at Inspiricon?

I like the independent way of working as well as the hands-on mentality. As an employee, I have a great scope in my area.

Dealing with new and existing customers is a very interesting task.

In addition to that, the team spirit is extraordinary.


Linda, Digital Marketing Expert

How would you describe your starting time and the time until now at Inspiricon?

I am a part of Inspiricon since the beginning. For me it is impressive to see how a company that started only with a couple of people can evolve into a company with such a strong own culture, atmosphere and team spirit.

Hence, I would describe my time at Inspiricon as exciting, varied and educational.

Inspiricon offers me a working environment which is characterized by mutual trust, flexibility regarding reconcilability of family and working life and “forward-thinking”. I have never experienced something similar before and I greatly appreciate it.


Istvan, Consultant SAP BI

Why would you recommend to work at Inspiricon?

I would recommend Inspiricon to people who want to work with the latest SAP technologies in a friendly environment and who want to travel around. At Inspiricon you are treated with respect and appreciation, quickly accepted as a equal team member and you are always granted the needed support by both, colleagues and employers.

The work of an SAP BI Consultant is extremely diverse because each project is different from the previous. This is why I feel always challenged and being on a constant learning curve.

The atmosphere at Inspiricon is nothing less than family-like and people are always with high spirits.


Diana, Human Resources

How would you describe the working atmosphere and the team at Inspiricon?

For me, Inspiricon is the best place to work. The team is always there to help you with any problem or concern. We all are young and motivated people who are committed to the team vision.

The work environment is transparent and positive, which makes us feel like we belong here, and that we are all working together for a bigger purpose.

Our Values

Transparency & Honesty

We do what we say and say what we do.
Our processes and decisions are  completely transparent for our employees and customers at all times.

Team spirit

We get together on a regular basis, not only to make us stronger as a team, but also to keep us working like a well-oiled machine. Whether it’s at company retreats, sports events, or team meetings.


“Those who make changes and successfully master them can achieve great things.” (John Kotter, The Penguin Principle)
We are always curious about technical and organizational innovation. This curiosity and the active exchange of knowledge at eye level support our further development and growth.


We treat our customers, employees, and partners with respect and fairness. Working together as partners and in the spirit of mutual trust is the basis for our continued success.


Our daily cooperation is characterized by an open dialogue based on partnership – both internally within the team and externally with our customers. To give our employees the greatest possible confidence, freedom and self-responsibility in their work, we see as a prerequisite for our mutual success.


Employee satisfaction can only arise if work and private life can be reconciled stress-free. Family events or hobbies are very often opposed to professional commitments. We want to give our employees the understanding and the opportunities to realize their personal life models and leisure activities. Therefore, wherever possible, we also offer part-time and home office models and actively subsidize the costs of retirement and childcare.

Note on spelling male / female

We ask for your understanding that for reasons of readability, a universal naming of male and female names was waived. Of course, all texts refer equally to men and women.