SAP Lumira 2.0 – the next level

What are the new features? What can users do with Lumira 2.0? We will answer these questions today.

SAP Lumira 1.x

SAP Lumira is a tool dedicated to self-service BI. The strategy behind this SAP Product is focused on users’ autonomy in dashboard creation and analysis with a simple mouse click as well as drag and drop. But this simplicity is also a limitation when it comes to flexibility and functionality, especially compared to what Web Intelligence or SAP Design Studio can offer.

SAP Design Studio 1.x

SAP Design Studio is a tool dedicated to developers and users who need to access very high and advanced functionalities to create interactive dashboards. Design Studio offers more flexibility but also needs more coding skills with JavaScript to develop all the functionalities. As a result Design Studio is often hard to understand and to work with for end users.

Now, what is SAP Lumira 2.0?

SAP Lumira 2.0 is a merging of two tools, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.x and SAP Lumira 1.x into one powerful tool for visualization and self-services analytics with two user interfaces (Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer). It combines all benefits and compatibilities of both tools. Business and IT needs are met in order to become a leader in analytics. The workflow between data discovery, data consumption and the creation of dashboards and analytics applications is simplified. SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and SAP Lumira share the same server component and also have the same file format.

Deployment von SAP Lumira 2.x

Deep in SAP Lumira 2.0

The principle of SAP Lumira 2.0 is very simple:

  1. Import the data from any source
  2. Build your visualizations with your data
  3. Make a short summary into dashboards
  4. Distribute the dashboards to the consumers

There is a separation of “simple” business users for Self-Service-BI and developers who can develop complex applications, shown in the graph below:

Different users of SAP Lumira

Furthermore, Lumira 2.0 offers the following features:

  • The users will have the possibility to open Lumira Desktop dashboards in Lumira Studio and vice versa.
  • The mobile users of Lumira Studio who want to work on their dashboards will benefit from offline mode even without having access to their company’s network.
  • The users will have the ability to use data from a source like SAP BW in Lumira Desktop.

Benefits of SAP Lumira


The integration and consolidation of this two tools is one step forward regarding the gap between IT and Business. It will allow more flexibility and a fast integration for IT and Business working on the same platform. We think that it is just the start and SAP will adjust the tool functionalities based on end customer’s reactions and suggestions after the first testing phase.
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SAP Lumira – let there be light!

Our topic for today is another SAP tool used for visualization. Its name is SAP Lumira!

The advantages of Lumira are the graphic depiction and the connection of various data sources.
While DesignStudio, Fiori, ScreenPersonas and Co. represent technologies with which the IT can offer solutions to the specialist field, Lumira is the first step to the self-service-BI. Without any programming effort and without deeper knowledge of the sources the practiced user of the above mentioned specialist field can compose his storyboards and analyses autonomously by drag & drop technique.

Currently, it is all about Lumira in many competitions and hackathons concerning the issue of DataVisualization and Analysis – and rightly so! The tool unlocks the potential within the world of analyses!

By the way, not only in our opinion does Lumira possess certain qualities – both Gartner (Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, February 2015) and Forrester (The Forrester Wave™: Agile Business Intelligence Platforms, Q3 2015) agree on that.

Recently, we have been extensively confronting ourselves with the tool’s prospects and strengths (and also with its deficiencies). We will therefore share our insights with you in the near future and keep you updated about this SAP tool.

Those of you who think that it is taking us too long can download the free version of Lumira here  and let the expedition begin now.


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New blog from Inspiricon

Hello dear community,

from now on, you can read about current projects, new technologies and exciting topics from the three IT worlds in our new blog! We start with a series on our experience concerning the new UX tool Fiori and UI basic technology SAPUI5 from SAP.

Come with us on a technological journey and explore these and other topics on a 2 weeks basis:

  • Overview – the new front-end strategy from SAP
  • What is SAP Fiori? What is SAPUI5? We help you find your way through the definition jungle.
  • How do the architectures of SAPUI5 applications or Fiori applications look like?
  • We explain step by step how to build a testing environment.
  • The first Fiori application – Hello World, Hello Fiori!

We write about backgrounds, pitfalls and our experience to show you how to deal correctly with the new UX – and also whetting your appetite for more!

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