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SAP Business Intelligence – Better Visualization for More Success

Inspiricon Visualization Decision Numbers

SAP Business intelligence provides the foundation for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your decision making, both at a strategic and operational level. It brings together a wide variety of data to give you an accurate picture of the overall business and the relationships it is built on. With this, it enables you to control, monitor, and simulate your business processes and to reach better business conclusions in the process. This includes optimizing costs, minimizing risks, and increasing value creation. Business intelligence has long been a staple in finance and controlling departments.

Maintaining a successful business model is contingent on you mastering the following process: Management makes decisions, decisions translate into activities, and activities affect the numbers in financial accounting.

With our passion for making numbers visible, Inspiricon provides you with the means to visualize your business and financial data, giving you the information you need to act faster and better. This will improve your numbers and with them your bottom line.

You need to know more to act better. RUN BETTER. RUN DIFFERENT.

As a decision maker

You must be able to quickly and conveniently identify any “leaks” that are harming your company.

You must have the means to pinpoint the root causes of problems right away.

You must know exactly what you need to do to eliminate them.

The problem, however, is that you are not able to tell the following right away:

Where the problems lie and what needs to be changed.

What is getting better and what is getting worse.

How to identify the right levers to optimize and maximize your financial results.

We will help you establish standardized visualization in your business.


Inspiricon SAP BW Performance WorkshopInspiricon Workshop: SAP BW Performance

Operational transparency and efficiency for your SAP BW system

Our concise workshop includes:

· catalog-based problem entry
· identification of measures
· development of customer-specific action plans
· categorization of measures (benefits / risks)

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The transparent way to your SAP reporting solution

Our concise workshop includes:

· Analysis of the existing system
· Target design
· Definition of high-level work packages
· Rough possible time planning

Are you interested in optimizing your SAP reporting solution ?

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Learn more about our workshop (German only)


Visualization along the reporting process

Numerous projects for different sized companies in diverse industries have shaped and sharpened our ability to design and implement solutions in SAP BW. You can rely on our support and guidance – whether you are looking to extract data from a variety of sources or model your data goals. We are guided by SAP’s established architecture approaches that we then adapt to your specific requirements. We are also happy to conduct architecture and performance reviews for you and assist you in optimizing your existing backend.

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Integrated corporate planning

Customized planning

Planning is the central element of a company’s internal controlling practices. Whether it’s revenue, sales and personnel planning or the high art of integrated business planning – we will make your planning project a reality leveraging SAP technologies such as SAP BI-IP. And you can also count on us to find an integrated planning solution for any of your other entry or planning scenarios.

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ABAP and SAPUI5 development

Tailored to your needs

Do you have very specific requirements on your systems that are simply unattainable by standard means? Do you know exactly what you need in terms of UI, functionality, and capabilities, but it’s just not available out of the box?
Then you need to talk to us! Our developers are sure to find a way and meet your specific expectations. In doing so, they employ the latest technologies and methodologies such as ABAP Objects, WebDynpro, SAPUI5, test-driven development, and portal integration.

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BI strategy

Emphasis on the BI strategy

Working with you to define and optimize a BI strategy that is tailored to the needs of your business is one of the services in the Inspiricon portfolio. Our approach is based on our many years of experience in devising BI strategies: In addition to taking an in-depth look at your current market situation, we will also analyze any potential competitive advantages or disadvantages that may arise from IT developments. From this, we will derive a framework for action that supports your business strategy, now and in the future. In doing so, we go beyond the purely intrinsic focus – in addition to your company’s processes and employees, we also factor in your products and customers. This will allow you to fully leverage the potential that IT innovation can bring to your business.

Let us work together to uncover your potential!


With the recipient in mind

We will help you analyze and think through the different ways of making information available to the right recipients and give you the tools you need to put them into practice. We do so by leveraging both traditional SAP tools such as BEx Analyzer und WebApplicationDesigner and SAP BusinessObjects tools such Analysis for Office or SAP Design Studio. What’s more, we also have the expertise to implement your reporting requirements with SAP Fiori or an SAPUI5 cockpit.

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IT business processes

Powerful IT business processes for your success

Your company’s business processes are becoming more and more digital. Frequently, these processes have outgrown their merely supportive role and are now essential to your company’s success. Our approach to IT business processes always starts out with a thorough analysis of your requirements. Together, we will identify the factors that are critical to the success of your processes, without confining ourselves to familiar frameworks or generic maps, but rather by taking into account the realities of your business. Based on this information, we will conduct a gap analysis with you and plan our way forward to improve your IT processes.

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