SAP Fiori 2.0 – The short story

How can Fiori 2.0 help your business

SAPUI5 is the brand new JavaScript framework that is slowly, but surely, starting to shape a new view into the SAP world. Under the guidelines dictated by SAP, SAPUI5 is making an appearance as SAP Fiori. This promises to be the next significant step in the user experience for all SAP users.

Figure 1 – Fiori Launchpad on Belize theme

What is new in SAP Fiori 2.0?

One of the main improvements is the new theme called Belize. This replaces the old default theme BlueCrystal in order to give our business applications a fresh look. The main difference, that can be spotted at a glance by looking at two side-by-side applications is the color scheme that is lighter and the application controls are more compact to provide a more plesant view of the work to be done.

The new aspect of the SAP Fiori is not set in stone, as it can still be customized with the help of custom themes to fit your own businesses style.

Another advantage of the Fiori 2.0 consists of the ability to add an SAP menu and user menu in the Fiori Launchpad through the App Finder. This allows users to replace the SAP Logon user menu with a fresh looking portal inside the Launchpad.

Figure 2 – User menu introduced by Fiori 2.0

One big improvement that comes with SAP Fiori 2.0 is the redesign of the SAP Launchpad. The new philosophy is that the SAP Launchpad will be your single entry point into all the applications. This is done in order to provide a faster and more productive experience for the laborious business processes that are going to be converted to SAP Fiori 2.0.

Among the changes that SAP Fiori 2.0 brings to the table is the new Me Area that facilitates the access to recently used applications and personalized menues to enrich the user experience. Along this a new Notification area was added in which users can see at a glance any updates that they need to be aware of. These new areas in the

SAP Fiori Launchpad come to aid the user in their everday tasks and increase the productivity.

Fig 3 bluecrystal vs. belize

Figure 3 – BlueCrystal vs. Belize

SAP Fiori 2.0 introduces new templates that can be easily customized to fit every company’s needs. These are the Overview Pages, List Reports and Object Pages. They can be used in SAP Web IDE to boost your business productivity.

With the introduction of Fiori 2.0 there is only one header bar on top of the screen. This new and improved header bar is generated based on the Launchpad header and the application header to free the screen of unnecessarily used space and conform to the newly released Fiori Guidelines. For existing applications, SAP provides an automatic adapter mechanism to allow existing apps to adjust their header layout. However, it is recommended that you test your custom applications compatibility to the adapter before switching it on.

Most of the Fiori Guidelines remain unchanged, but in order to fit the new Fiori standard some applications will need to be changed. Most of SAP Fiori 2.0 features do not affect the controls per se, but mostly the Launchpad integration and the theme. When developing on of the newly introduced objects (Overview Pages, List Reports, and Object Pages) there will be the need for suitable annotated OData service in order to keep the implementation time to a minimum and bypass the UI coding completely.

How change to SAP Fiori 2.0?

If you already make use of the SAP Fiori application platform and you wish to switch over to the new standard proposed by SAP, there a a few steps in order to get there.

First of all you need to upgrade your Front-End Server to version 3.0 and SAP_UI to 751. Another concern that you might have when upgrading your system is that the applications are compatible with the new Belize theme, otherwise you will need to redesign your visual interface to meet the new standard.

The Fiori 2.0 experience when working with an SAP S/4HANA background is revamped from the old standard. Classic applications, such as Dynpro and SAP GUI for HTML are now based on the newly introduced theme Belize. The change is also planned for SAP GUI for Windows. As with previous applications, SAP GUI applications need to be reviewed before switching over to Belize in order to remove inconsistencies that might appear with the application of the new theme. As mentioned before, SAP Menu and User Menu can now be added to the SAP Launchpad in order to have a single point of entry for all SAP related activities.

Business Workflow integration is also included with the introduction of the Fiori 2.0 through SAP Fiori Notifications. This works for all the workflow tasks which can be processed with SAP My Inbox.

With the UI Theme Designer you can also adapt the Belize theme to your corporate identity and use SAP Screen Personas to simplify applications with the SAP Fiori visual theme. SAP Fiori 2.0 technology can also be included in SAP Business Suite. However, SAP Business Suite systems do not integrate the SAP Fiori notifications functionality.

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