Inspiricon’s SAP Fiori app receives the ERCO Innovation Award 2017

The Performance Cockpit App scores high at the annual Innovation Award

Each year, ERCO GmbH honors outstanding innovations. In 2017, the Performance Cockpit App won the coveted award in the Innovation Award Organization category.

You can read all about the project in our blog (click here for the full article). The main objective was to deliver a solution to analyze and visualize information with SAP Fiori in real time. The project aimed to provide ERCO’s 250 sales representatives all over the globe with a mobile app that would allow them to have their daily updated key figures readily available on their iPads.

In the end, we had created a mobile, streamlined, and most importantly highly intuitive process that enables ERCO to monitor and modify its forecasts. This puts the latest data at the fingertips of executives and sales staff alike. This adds significant value to the data, which is particularly beneficial in business intelligence scenarios, where the worth of information is determined by its timeliness.

What can the Performance Cockpit App do?

The app, among other things, gives ERCO:

  • shop floor options regardless of time and place
  • performance overviews that are updated daily
  • more visibility for its sales division and headquarters
  • the ability to derive sales-related measures
  • periodic annual forecasts for its most important key figures


Key Figures Performance Cockpit

Figure 1: Overview of the key figures compared to projected values and last year’s value


Oder Volume Performance Cockpit App

Figure 2: Overview of the order volume compared to the planning data and last year’s values

“We are looking forward to work with Inspiricon on implementing more exciting projects in the future,” said Celina Berg, the project’s manager, after completion of the project.

Go to our website to read the success story on this project.

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