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The new user experience for SAP software

SAP Fiori provides a new personalized, responsive, and simple experience across different devices. For our customers, SAP Fiori represents a modern and user-friendly high-performance interface with complex BI systems – BI meets Fiori.

What challenges would you like us to overcome for you with SAP Fiori?

Read our blog post on SAP Fiori and UI5 and find out more about the infrastructure of SAP Fiori apps and their architecture.

Your advantages with SAP Fiori:

Starting with S/4HANA, SAP recommends using SAPUI5/Fiori as the UI standard technology for future app development. SAP views Fiori as a future-proof alternative to the current WebDynpro standard that also ensures backward compatibility.

The Fiori launchpad, which also includes SAP Fiori apps, will eventually replace SAP Portal. The launchpad will increase the productivity of your users by simplifying and automating their daily tasks – on any type of mobile device.

Its engaging UX design drastically increases user adoption and it allows for custom themes. The most important tasks and activities can be adapted to different operating systems (web, smartphone, tablet).

With the embedded SAP developer tools and technologies, it is now much easier to custom develop or build personalized SAP Fiori apps.

SAP Fiori logon
SAP Fiori meets SAP BI

We bring together SAP BI applications and SAP Fiori in our Inspiricon Toolbox

The Inspiricon Toolbox is the perfect example to illustrate what is possible in SAP Fiori app development today. It includes three example applications that are based on the new recommended SAP architecture. We developed these SAP Fiori apps to give you a better idea of what SAP Fiori can do for you. Its many capabilities make it easy to adapt SAP Fiori and the SAP Fiori apps to your specific requirements:

Learn more about SAP Fiori, the Inspiricon Toolbox and the possibilities you have by combining SAP Fiori with BI. Find all information at a glance in our brochure.

Time Tracker

On-premises timekeeping

SAP Fiori time tracker app

This scenario presupposes that the timekeeping / planning tool is based on SAP BW and that users enter their data in Excel (built-in queries).
As an alternative, we build a Fiori application that simplifies data entry and allow users to edit their data on their mobile devices:

  • The existing built-in queries were used to build a web service.
  • The planning cube, which is already being used to store the data, remains unchanged.
  • Multiple Fiori applications are created to cover any necessary business processes.
    • Planning
    • Timekeeping
    • Approval

This approach is especially interesting in cases where the data is captured directly on site at the company’s premises.

Manage Users

Master data maintenance made easy

This application enables you to execute CRUD operations on Data Store Objects (DSO) from BW. This can give you the following functionalities:

  • overviews over all users (table view)
  • edit users: delete, update, create
  • filters
  • search
SAP Fiori Stammdatenpflege

BW Query Runner

Generate reports at the click of a button

SAL Fiori query runner

BW Query Runner is an alternative analytics application designed to execute any SAP BW query in Fiori. Its functionality spans from drill downs and filters to variant saving.

  • The app leverages the existing queries in the BW system.
  • It scores with a clean UI, improved graphical visualizations, sorting and filtering options and much more.

Inspiricon’s SAP Fiori projects

We have successfully implemented a first string of projects with SAP Fiori.

Project overview

Our customer is currently basing its sales reporting on SAP BW.
Every month, employees have to manually add additional information and consolidate their BEx reports (Excel forms).
Inspiricon builds an SAP Fiori solution that not only allows for real-time reporting, but also provides a means to enter additional data in BW using mobile devices:

  • The existing cubes are expanded without impacting already established processes and queries.
  • Additional data is stored in a DSO and is, together with the existing cube, aggregated in a MultiProvider.
  • This created a new Fiori reporting and planning interface: the sales cockpit.

What this does for you: Your users get at-a-glance overviews of their current topics from their entry pages. This is especially useful for decision makers as they no longer have to search through the different levels of the SAP environment first. With approval processes (e.g. vacation requests) and important information (e.g. personal KPIs, incoming orders, sales, etc.) immediately available in the Fiori app, you and your users can save significant time, greatly accelerating your daily routines.

Project overview

Our customer has developed a solution that lets operators (e.g. trade fairs, museums, public transport) use their WiFi to analyze the behavior of participants / guests.
The information they collect serves to improve the overall experience for their guests. The solution leverages analytical processes to locate and guide users around the facilities. Predictive analytics are employed to prevent holdups and overcrowding.
The platform is being developed by our customer in partnership with SAP and Cisco. SAP HANA powers the backend for this system, while SAP Fiori provides the frontend.

Inspiricon contributed its expertise by:

  • developing the admin console for the platform based on UI5/Fiori and
  • carrying out the migration from Amazon AWS HANA to HCP.

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SAP Fiori needs:

Your expert for all

SAP Fiori needs:

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