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SAP HANA 2: the next generation of SAP HANA platform

SAP HANA 2 adds new features to the In-Memory Platform SAP HANA. SAP HANA is a platform designed to push forward the digital transformation. Via SAP YaaS (Hybris as a Service) SAP HANA 2 offers new microservices. These are based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (read our last blog article: Due to these microservices, developers are able to create new innovations and provide modern applications with extensive information.

SAP HANA was introduced in 2010 – with that SAP took a pioneering role in the area of In-Memory technology. SAP HANA offers innovations that are based on a stable master data platform. SAP HANA 2 adds to this pioneering role in order to shape the digital future successfully. SAP HANA 2 will be available for customers from 30 November 2016. Followed by the Express Edition: designed for companies to advance new development projects. There will be extensions each half year to support agile developments.

New functions and extensions

SAP HANA 2 will offer extensive enhancements. Concerning data bank management the focus will be on high availability, workload management as well as security. Supported by these, IT companies are able to guarantee uninterrupted operation.

The option Active or rather Active Read-Enabled offers the use of secondary systems which were only used for system replication until now. This option serves to cope with reading-intensive workloads – without creating a performance loss.

In the range of data management, customers can profit from extensions concerning data quality, data integration, business modelling as well as Tiered Storage (please read our blog article on HANA In-Memory: Due to these extensions, companies are able to access all data – no matter where they are stored.

There will be a new version of the web application SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer. It is possible to manage complex information architectures. In addition to that, potential impacts of innovative technologies can be visualized before implementing them.

SAP HANA 2 can do even more

SAP HANA 2 also offers an improvement of the analytical intelligence. Innovative engines allow an analytical processing of geo data, text, streaming data and graphical data. Developers will be able to embed comprehensive information in modern applications.

Predictive Analysis Library in SAP HANA 2 comprises new algorithms for association, classification, regression and time series analysis. Using these analyses, data scientists are able to uncover patterns in their data and supplement own applications with machine learning.

In the range of application development, users can benefit from extended functions for application server, development tools as well as development languages. The principle „Bring your own Language“ is supported. Furthermore, additional runtime environments from third-party and build packs are available. They can be used in the model Extended Application Services. With the new interface File Processor API, developers can extract and analyze text and meta data.

New microservices in the cloud

The new microservices are cloud-based and facilitate an integration of analyses in applications. It can be done on each development or language platform via APIs. The cloud microservices include the following extensions:

  • Text Analysis Entity Extraction, Text Analysis Linguistic Analysis and Text Analysis Fact Extraction: with these functions, it is possible to process text data in the cloud whereby processing of natural languages is also feasible.
  • Earth Observation Analysis: this service was developed in collaboration with ESA. Basis for this service is the interface standard WCS of OGC. Earth Observation Analysis uses satellite data of ESA and processes geo data via SAP HANA Spatial, a data base application in the cloud. This service provides historical data in real-time – the calculation happens on the basis of spectral measuring data.

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