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SAP HANA – Your Companion on the Path to Digital Transformation

The increasing connectedness of everything and everyone and the real-time processing of big data is changing the face of business. Information-driven services and products are creating a whole new customer experience (Internet of Things). The in-memory platform SAP HANA provides all the infrastructure components you need to put all of this on a strong technological footing – whether in the cloud or on premises.

What sets SAP HANA apart: both transactional and analytical data come from a single source.

The advantage: If, for example, payments are posted, then these figures will be immediately reflected in analyses conducted by the controlling department.

Why SAP HANA is the right solution for you!

and absolutely reliable

SAP HANA as the number one tool for your analytics needs

HANA, short for “High Performance Analytic Appliance”, was conceived and designed to support analytical applications that process vast amounts of data at record speeds. The in-memory technology in the SAP HANA database has been available since 2011. It stores all data in memory to deliver powerful analytics.

SAP HANA use cases

  • Predictive analysis tools. Read more about in an overview of our WiFi utilization & analytics project
  • Data mining: The actual data mining task is the automatic or semi-automatic analysis of large quantities of data to extract previously unknown, interesting patterns such as groups of data records (cluster analysis), unusual records (anomaly detection), and dependencies (association rule mining, sequential pattern mining). (Source: Wikipedia,
  • Analyze available data in real time to enable companies to conduct ad-hoc analyses and simulations at any time (while including historic data). If irregularities are detected, the system will report unusual patterns, allowing companies to halt production or test runs.
  • The built-in text analysis capabilities let users extract and search for content. The SAP HANA platform is capable of “learning” specific vocabularies.
  • Inspiricon best practice: How to leverage SAP Fiori and SAP HCP to develop a quick search for http services. We have created a standardized cross-industry solution that meets the requirements for an auto-suggest feature with fuzzy matching. You can read the complete best practice success story at Inspiricon leverages SAP Fiori and SAP HCP to develop a quick search for http services (German only).

More information about SAP HANA

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