Inspiricon SAP-HANA cloud Platform

Do you already know the SAP HANA Cloud Platform?

Big Data with its progressive interlinking and real time processing is changing companies tremendously. Information-driven services and products allow completely new user experiences. SAP HANA as an In-Memory platform offers all infrastructure components to enable such technological design – no matter if in the cloud or on premise.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform introduces unforeseen possibilities

With SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAP HCP), SAP opened the opportunity to implement cloud-based technologies. This PaaS (Platform as a Service) offer helps to develop innovative applications and then putting them into operation. It is linked to SAP HANA. Therefore, companies can use numberless data bases and application services in the cloud. For example the following:

  • integrational and security-related functionalities,
  • support of several development languages as well as HTML5-based interfaces that are intuitive to operate,
  • search functionalities,
  • processing options of geo-referenced information,
  • analysis tools,
  • offline functionalities.

Added value of SAP HCP for users

SAP HCP offers users a huge added value. Users are able to make application environments fit for future requests. The PaaS offer provides a powerful development platform and also functions as runtime environment for individual extensions of IT products. It is very easy to integrate existing and new solutions whether it is a SAP product or not. The SAP HANA Cloud Platform replaces the software life cycle of client-individual adjustments and standard applications. The switch to Business Suite SAP S/4HANA is facilitated in this way:

  • An advancement is not linked to the core application anymore.
  • Default settings that are present in corporate solutions are not affected.
  • This protects existing business processes and improves agility.
  • Consisting in-house developments can be outsourced to SAP HANA Cloud Plattform easily.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform: a huge improvement

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is operated and maintained in SAP data centers. Thus, as a customer you can concentrate yourself on your core competencies – SAP takes care of the rest.

It is possible to test SAP HCP at any time. When you are getting to know the offer, own applications can be realized. Corporations can fall back to customized service packages in different scales.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform sets a new course for businesses. The digital change contains sales, service, marketing, logistics and industry 4.0. In the future, billions of devices will be connected and will exchange data flows – buzzword Internet of Things (IoT).

SAP HCP also offers functionalities for managing devices. Furthermore, device-based messaging is possible. IoT application enablement with data modelling is also integrated. Machine data collection and application data can be received, processed and evaluated in real-time in the cloud. With additional services, sensor-based information can be analyzed and integrated in applications in real-time. Thus, new processes, services and business models are possible. SAP HCP is a signpost that can lead to business success in a digitalized economy.

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