How we can profit from Lessons Learned

By documenting Lessons Learned, positive, as well as negative, insights from projects are written down, in order transform the knowledge gained into an asset of experience for future projects.

Typical questions are:

  • Have we learnt anything from our previous experiences?
  • Have we critically reflected on our experiences and drawn the right conclusions from them?

Lessons Learned workshops are usually held at the end of the project. And while there is nothing wrong with this approach, a lot of the knowledge gained during the project may still be forgotten and no longer recorded.

Hence, it is recommended to carry out Lessons Learned sessions after each completed project phase in order to make use of as many of the experiences made as possible for each following step in the project cycle. All findings should be debated, and measures should be derived accordingly.

Lessons Learned documentation often disappears in someone’s drawer and will only rarely be used for subsequent projects. To ensure that analogue or even entirely new project plans can benefit from projects that have already been completed, at Inspiricon, we have made the Lessons Learned documents accessible to all project managers and consultants in our company and stored them centrally.

How we can profit from Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned from an upgrade project

In addition, we should not only investigate the negative experiences. There is also a lot to learn from our achievements and we should not take our factors of success for granted.  Instead, successful projects should also be tracked and documented thoroughly in order to be able to reproduce the perfect procedure at any time.

And although a Lessons Learned process might require some additional time, it is well worth the effort because the amount of time wasted on recurring errors is much higher.

At Inspiricon, we emphasize the documentation and consideration of lessons learned throughout each individual project phase. And with our best practices, we will gladly assist you in successfully implementing your projects.

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