Inspiricon Supports the Center for Children With Disabilities in Sibiu, Romania

Inspiricon Supports the Center for Children With Disabilities in Sibiu, Romania

The Center for Children With Disabilities (Centrul de Plasament pentru Copilul cu Dizabilitati, C.P.C.D.) in Turnu Rosu in Sibiu county, Romania is a public institution. It is chaired by the Sibiu county council and embedded in the structure of Sibiu’s general directorate for social welfare.

The center’s activities are funded by the state of Romania and the Sibiu city council as well as by donations and grants and other private cash and in-kind contributions.

This year, Inspiricon AG decided to also do its part

At the beginning of the new school year, the 50 students were provided with all the necessary back-to-school supplies – with all costs covered by Inspiricon – to get them off to a great start into the new year.

What is the purpose of the Center?

The Center for Children With Disabilities provides children with access to information, education, and social and psychological counseling. It gives them a place to live and eat and promotes social building skills and collaboration. It offers recreational activities and provides everyday support such as running errands and emergency assistance. To cope with difficult situations, the center’s employees are also trained in stress management, family reintegration therapy, and social assistance.

The center serves a support community for children and adolescents with disabilities or disability certificates or certified students and trainees aged three to eighteen. Young adults over the age of eighteen are given the opportunity to extend their stay at the center by two years if they are enrolled in a special needs training program. The center also welcomes children and adolescents who are faced with difficult personal situations and permanently or temporarily separated from their parents and who have their residence in Sibiu county.

The facilities were renovated in 2016 and accommodate the needs of people with disabilities and limited mobility. There are ramps, elevators, and handicap accessible bathrooms throughout the buildings. All the hallways are equipped with a navigation system and braille signs for the blind and visually impaired.

Currently, the center houses 50 children and adolescents, among them 37 girls and 13 boys.

We are very happy to have been able to support these children!

You want to help too and want to do something good? Please contact me – any help is welcome!

Claudio Volk Member of the Management Board
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Nearshoring, the effective and cost optimized Competence Center in: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

We can notice in Deloitte’s 2015 Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey that many customers started to demand more from their vendors, expecting from them to deliver qualitatively as well as quantitatively beyond agreement values. Many companies started to look for new strategic technology partners near home. Why is that? Why could nearshoring be considered the new offshoring? German companies are taking into consideration Eastern European IT services as an alternative to established offshoring countries. The advantages are obvious: compared with India and China as nearshore providers, Eastern Europe is both culturally and geographically closer. Also important are the good German language skills and a lower employee fluctuation.

How does nearshoring work?

As the digitalization is expanding, many companies are exploring platform dynamics as Gartner mentioned in the CIO Insight Survey from 2016. It shows that there is a driving penetration of the bimodal platform, which derives from separating different parts of the business that will result in:

Reasons for Nearshoring

Reasons for Nearshoring

Many companies are trying to separate different parts of their business, looking for better quality of service and for vendors that are providing skilled resources close to their location – which will result in a fast-tracking strategic business innovation. As a result, many companies started to see an opportunity in nearshoring for optimizing their business outcomes. It takes place mainly in Eastern Europe because of the continuous growth in sectors such as IT, engineering and automobile.

Top 10 nearshoring destinations in Europe

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Poland
  3. Lithuania
  4. Germany
  5. Romania
  6. Estonia
  7. Latvia
  8. UK
  9. Hungary
  10. Spain
Top 10 European Outsoucing Destinations - Source A.T. Kearney

Top 10 European Outsoucing Destinations – Source A.T. Kearney

Why choosing Romania for nearshoring?

Gartner named the IT market in Romania as one of the fastest growing sectors, with a turnover of about 1 billion Euros and growth rates of 40 to 60% per year. Other reasons for choosing Romania for nearshoring are:

Reasons for Nearshoring in Romania

Reasons for Nearshoring in Romania


When speaking about Romania as a nearshoring market, there are many advantages that should be taken into consideration:

Reasons for Nearshoring in Romania

Reasons for Nearshoring in Romania


Romania has already received recognition from many global players:

Romania - The New Technology Hub for Outsourcing

Romania – The New Technology Hub for Outsourcing

Romanian competition analysis

Key arguments for Romania compared to the main competitors Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Hungary are:

  • it is more stable concerning politics and the economy
  • the unemployment rate is really low
  • the government improves tax administration and collection transparency and it supports a legal framework for foreign investments.

On the other hand, there is a need for improvement in the education sector in comparison to other countries and overall economic conditions in order to increase the GDP.

Eastern Europe 2015 - Comparison Economic and Political Factors

Eastern Europe 2015 – Comparison Economic and Political Factors

Future opportunities and growth

Future Opportunities and Growth Romania

Future Opportunities and Growth Romania


All these advantages are used by Inspiricon SRL in Cluj to deliver the best in class service for supporting our clients’ projects in:

  • Planning and execution of SAP BW/BO upgrade
  • Blueprint and implementation of SAP BW/BO solutions
  • Testing and regression testing in current projects or release strategy.
  • Monitoring of data loads in the Go-Live phase as well as later on in the productive environment and optional the preparation for outsourcing to a 24/7 provider.

In the last 2 years, Inspiricon SRL delivered a countable added business value and more effectiveness in the project execution for all customers as several customer success stories can demonstrate.

Are you interested in Cluj as a Nearshoring location? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Authors: Cristina Botea and Gabriel Simon (both Inspiricon SRL)



Claudio Volk Member of the Management Board
Phone: +49 (0) 7031 714 660 0