Helping Santa

Inspiricon is helping Santa Clause

The centre “Mother of God” is a determinated children hosting service house set up and supported by the religious Congregation “The Sisters of God’s Mother” from Cluj-Napoca (a Greek-Catholic religious establishment). The house was established in 1993 and has a capacity of 10 placements. The beneficiaries are children aged between 3 and 8 years. Most children for whom placement is assured in this centre are children coming directly from the natural families. Most are cases that have been monitored by the Romanian Child Protection authorities for years, or children for whom emergency placement has been established, due to the critical situation of the family of origin.

The house hosts the children for a given period of time, until they reach 10 years or are adopted. Over 200 children have lived in this centre through these years.

Three sisters headed by Sister Bernardina, or Mother Adina, as the children name her, are involved in this work, while seven committed people permanently help at their education. One of the sisters is a qualified nurse, another sister is in charge of the administrative part, while the rest of the staff works as caregivers-educators, social workers, chefs or administrators.

The centre does not have a permanent sponsor to support the work of the sisters, and the financial aid granted by the state does not cover the expenses of the auxiliary staff. Individual donations are the ones that help sisters raise the children.

Inspiricon wants to support this generous initiative and contribute financially to the sisters’ effort to offer love and joy to these children. Changing the role of SAP consultants, we enthusiastically accepted to become Santa’s helpers. Armed with detailed shopping lists, we crossed the supermarket aisles to fully respect the children’s wishes, which, it can be said, that were very sweet: scented oranges, crunchy chocolate or sweet gingerbread.

We are happy and grateful for having the chance of contributing to the devoted work of these three sisters.

Claudio Volk Member of the Management Board
Phone: +49 (0) 7031 714 660 0