What motivates our customers?

What motivates our customers?

A collection of the questions we get asked most often

Our consulting business brings us in daily contact with our customers. Naturally, the same questions keep coming up in conversations, webinars, and emails.

Frequently, these questions deal with the same topics. So we decided to compile the most common questions and summarize them for you today:

  • Is my SAP environment still fit for the future?
  • How do I need to set up my IT landscape to future-proof it for the challenges of digitalization?
  • What is SAP’s roadmap for, for example, Predictive Analytics?
  • How and where should I best use SAP Fiori?
  • What are the benefits of SAP Leonardo?
  • What does SAP Data Hub stand for?

It would seem that these are questions that are relatively easy to answer – which, of course, they are not. There is never an easy answer, each customer situation is different and requires individual attention and assessment.

Many of our customers are regular attendees of different SAP events to keep themselves up to date with the latest developments. These include the events of the various SAP user groups, events hosted by SAP itself, and the many other SAP-related events. Here, they find some of the answers to their questions. But we must not forget that a large number of prospects and customers do not attend these events. Some simply lack the time, some have other internal reasons. So how can they get the information they need?

They turn to their trusted consulting firm – which, in an ideal case, means us!

Building an individual roadmap and defining goals

This brings up the same questions over and over again. Since our customers come from a wide variety of industries, we need to draw up an individual roadmap for each of them to capture their specific goals for the years to come.

These are some of the most important questions that need to be asked here:

  • Where do I want my company to be in 2020?
  • What do I expect these latest technologies to deliver?
  • What about the ROI?
  • How important are these technologies for my company?
  • What does this mean for my IT and my employees?
  • What does this mean for my company overall?

Traditionally, the first point of contact for all of this is the IT department. But with the rise of digitalization and the new challenges that go along with it, companies increasingly also involve their sales and marketing departments, their controlling experts, the production floor, and the executive level. In all of this, a consulting firm like Inspiricon first acts as a moderator who collects the different arguments and standpoints. The next step then is to weigh this information and derive the measures accordingly. These need to be very specific to the customer’s needs and depend on the results of these initial talks.

Once a customer decides to engage a consulting firm, they are looking to get a broader view – beyond the vendor’s opinion – and reap the benefits of an outside perspective. This puts them in a position where they can understand the big picture of the challenges ahead.

It’s all based on trust and respect

What’s more, we have a relationship of trust with our customers that was established over the course of many years. This relationship is built on mutual respect, successful projects, and the resolution of the challenges that went along with them. And this is exactly what drives our customers to first turn to us for their questions regarding SAP and its products.

To give adequate answers to these questions, it is not only essential to maintain an active SAP partnership, but it is equally important to have a diverse team of outstanding consultants!

Our mix of junior consultants, senior consultants and managing consultants enables us to not only deliver the answers our customers are looking for, but also – which is even more important – derive the appropriate solutions from best practices and experience and to pass them on.

No matter the topic, it is important to involve the customer from the get-go and to provide a thorough explanation as to why this particular solution and approach are the perfect match for their specific environment and situation.

The Inspiricon BI Academy

It is our commitment to always stay abreast of all things SAP, which is why we initiated the internal Inspiricon Academy. It meets three times a year to update new and existing employees on the latest technologies. Our in-house trainers for the academy regularly attend trainings themselves (we have talked about this before, but have a look yourselves: Inspiricon BI Academy).

As an SAP partner, we also get advance access to the latest SAP software and releases, often weeks before they become available to the general public, allowing us to conduct early, in-depth testing

What’s more, we also value the opportunity to share experiences with other SAP partners. With SAP Connect, SAP has created an excellent event for this very purpose as it helps us actively engage with other partner companies. In addition to exchanging experiences it is also all about finding ways to collaborate, for example on specific technology issues. On top of that, our SAP partner manager is an important point of contact for us.

Open communication and the exchange of experiences

In addition to the more traditional means of communication such as emails, outbound calls, webinars, and a good marketing mix, we also place great importance on testimonials, which we create in close collaboration with our customers once we have completed their projects.

After all, these testimonials convey so much more than the endless array of slides that customers have grown used to from the many presentations they have to sit through. It also makes it that much easier for the prospect to identify with the company’s portfolio when they see that we here at Inspiricon have successfully overcome the challenges of another company – the very same challenges they are still facing – with a comparable situation. Frequently, this also leads to representatives from new and existing customers meeting in person or over the phone to get a first-hand impression of how Inspiricon approaches and handles its projects.

The future of the SAP market

As we see it, the SAP market continues to show enormous potential and offers a myriad of opportunities. We believe that the fields of machine learning and predictive analytics in particular are the future of our consulting business and that SAP is on the right track with its many advancements here.

There will, of course, still be “traditional SAP projects” such as migrations, upgrades and the like, but over the past 12 months we have increasingly seen new philosophies and approaches to put companies on a path to the future, which is surely also due to the generational change in IT positions that many companies are experiencing.

This new generation is very well informed and willing to bring in outside expertise. This makes it all the more important for a consulting firm like ours to have the right answers and communicate our past experiences from other projects and approaches. Often times, these discussions spark new ideas for other topics that we then expand on as a joint effort.

If you have any questions that we can help answer, feel free to contact me directly!

Michael Schmer Director Sales
Phone: +49 (0) 7031 714 660 0
Email: info@inspiricon.de